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Inter Relegion Marriage Arya Samaj Mandir

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Inter Relegion Marriage Arya Samaj Mandir

Inter Relegion Marriage

The term inter-religion marriages islegally married, a status between two people who belong to different religions. All over india, there are different types of people and different beliefs, but there are many states that are home to people of all religions together, and many fall in love with people who have different religion beliefs. This does not prevent people from marrying each other. In fact, these marriages last longer and, like any other, who they recognize and that is what makes atake a long marriage.

What is Inter-Religion Marriage

Inter religion marriage, traditionally called mixed marriage, is marriage (either religious or civil) between partners professing different religions.
Interfaith marriage typically connotes a marriage in which both partners remain adherents to their distinct religion, and as such it is distinct from concepts of religious conversion, religious assimilation, cultural assimilation, religious disaffiliation, and apostasy. Nevertheless, despite the distinction, these issues typically are associated with many aspects of interfaith marriage.

Some religious doctrines prohibit interfaith marriage. Others traditionally oppose interfaith marriage but may allow it in limited circumstances. Several major religions have left the matter relatively unspecified and still others allow it entirely but with some requirements for ceremony and custom.
An ethno-religious group's resistance to interfaith marriage can constitute a form of self-segregation.

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